What is Flood Re

Last year (2015) was, according to the Met Data Office, the wettest year ever recorded in the UK, enduring double […]

16th June 2016

Churchill’s Top Insurance Tips for Start-ups

In our previous blog we imparted our top-tips for Start-Ups, expanding upon the lessons we have learnt from working with […]

28th April 2016

Churchill’s Top Tips for Start-ups

Churchill’s Top Tips for Start-ups Start-ups often conjure up images of tech enthusiasts situated in Shoreditch, Silicon Valley or any […]

18th April 2016

The Insurance Act: what you need to know

The last Insurance Act was passed in 1906; arguably a simpler time and certainly one with very different requirements. With […]

6th January 2016

How to protect your business from cyber hackers

The Ashley Maddison scandal rocked the media in 2015. Reaching the highest levels of power and wealth, it proved irrevocably […]

6th January 2016


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