The great test of a great broker, as well as the quality of cover secured, is the activity and attention you get, not just at the time of placing the insurance, but throughout the year and in the unfortunate event of a claim.

When a claim does arise, we are both practical and strategic in the managing of all the people in the process and in expediting settlement.

Claims are generally dealt with by the very people with whom our clients have a relationship, as we believe that consistency in communication is vital in establishing a long term relationship with our clients.

We know the cover that’s in place, because we’ve placed it and we understand the idiosyncrasies of policy wordings and the ‘small print,’ which can often be the difference between achieving satisfactory results and not. These skills form an integral part of our staff training and our resulting Chartered Insurance Broker status.

We ensure all claims are dealt with in an efficient and proactive way as we fully appreciate it is the reason why our clients buy insurance and we see it as an opportunity to show ourselves in the best possible light by providing an excellent service when our clients need it most.

If you’ve had a bad claims management experience in the past, please get in touch with us so we can discuss our proposition with you in more depth.

If you are looking to report a claim then please call the switchboard on 0208 511 1070 and you will be put through to the person best placed to guide you through the claim process.