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Retail and leisure companies are often best suited to packaged policies which will cover the wide range of insurance exposures. These can include  shops, restaurants, hotels, pubs and office insurance, liabilities cover, business interruption and commercial legal expenses among others.

This is often the most cost effective solution and also allows you to place all of your insurances through one market, cutting down on administrative burden and the need to scour the market for a range of individual policies.

At Churchill, we have a whole team dedicated to retail and leisure who  enjoy the use of a number of facilities with several of the top 10 market leading Insurers who will insure both your premises and online offerings.

We place specialist cover for hotels , public houses, nightclubs and chains of restaurants together with any high street store. We also have  a unique capability to place liability insurances for e-cigaratte retailers and stock facilities.

Gideon Spector

Gideon Spector

Gideon Spector

Managing Director Retail & Leisure

020 8511 1082

Gideon has worked in the insurance industry for over 10 years. He has a wealth of experience in both broking and underwriting of retail and leisure package risks. His experience has enabled him to compile an extensive panel of Insurers and schemes which enable Churchill to be extremely competitive in these areas whilst offering comprehensive cover and an excellent claims service. He has assembled and manages a well organised team that are extremely efficient and under Gideon's leadership this department has and continues to grow at an impressive rate.

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