COVID-19 – Return to work posters – Download for free


As many businesses are reopening their premises and returning to work in a ‘COVID-secure’ manner, we have developed a series of posters to use in your workplace.

The posters help to communicate the main messages of social distancing, washing your hands, using hand sanitiser and checking your symptoms.

To download any of the posters, simply click the links below:

Social distancing poster

COVID-19 social distancing poster for work

Download here:

‘Wash your hands’ poster

COVID-19 hand washing poster for work

Download here:

Hand sanitiser poster

COVID-19 hand sanitiser poster for work

Download here:

COVID-19 symptoms poster

COVID-19 symptoms poster for work

Download here:

COVID-19 risk assessments

We also have two risk assessment documents for reopening businesses which are both available to download for free:

Reopening businesses after COVID-19 – General workplace risk assessment

Reopening businesses after COVID-19 – Business Recovery/Reopening Health, Safety & Fire Checklist/Risk Assessment


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