Making Your Home More Eco-friendly


The state of the environment has become a prevalent subject for many people – not only in the UK, but around the world. Every property owner has the ability to contribute to the protection of the environment by being more eco-friendly.

Even in a single-family home, a number of changes may be able to help make your residence more eco-friendly. As a homeowner, you have the ability to make adjustments and decisions that will help reduce any environmental impact.

When attempting to make your household more eco-friendly, consider these everyday tips:

  • Use eco-friendly products – Cleaning products, shampoo and conditioner can all contain chemicals – such as detergents, preservatives and foaming agents – that can cause damage to the environment. Consider switching to products that do not contain synthetic ingredients. Toilet paper made out of bamboo can also be an eco-friendly alternative for your household
  • Unplug – Even when electronic devices are turned off or in standby mode, they are still using electricity. When a device is fully charged or will not be needed anytime soon, consider unplugging it in order to save energy
  • Reconsider appliance use – Using washing machines and dryers may be convenient, but, at least when not in a rush, consider hanging clothes out to dry instead. When running a washing machine, utilise a cooler setting to reduce energy usage
  • Energy and heating choices – If looking to make larger changes, investing in a renewable energy source, like solar panels, can make your home far more eco-friendly. Similarly, switching to an eco-friendly heating source – such as boilers, heat pumps and solar thermal heating – can also reduce both your environmental impact and energy bills

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