Marine Cargo


The shipping of goods from one country to another by sea, air or road is an area of insurance with its own terminology and specialist insurers. The policy wordings and clauses are different from the usual insurance clauses used, and expert knowledge is essential. So, whether the cargo is steel, livestock or foodstuffs, transported on board a ship, in a container or in the hold of an aircraft your insurance broker needs to have an in depth knowledge of the insurance terminology, the alternative types of cover and the clauses that insurers my try to apply.

Add to that a requirement for a good knowledge of the marine insurance market and you may well have a broker who can satisfy your needs on a wide basis of cover and cost effectively.

With many years of specialist experience in this field we are able to arrange cover to suit the special needs of most importers and exporters. We also have the expertise to negotiate claims and arrange settlement quickly and without any fuss.

Clive Sladen ACII


Clive Sladen ACII

Clive Sladen ACII

Founder & Consultant

020 8511 1094

After graduating from Leeds University, Clive entered the insurance industry and has now over 35 years experience in broking. He is ACII qualified. Following several years in the London broking market, including a brief spell in the Lloyds market, he set up Churchill Insurance Consultants in 1982. Under Clive's strong leadership, quality of customer service has been paramount and the business has developed into an innovative commercial brokerage and has featured in the list of UK 'TOP 100 Independent Brokers' as published by Insurance Age. He has built an exceptional team with outstanding levels of expertise and professionalism. Clive ensures that the spirit upon which he founded the company, remains the cornerstone of the organisation. He believes that key to the company's success is in maintaining a clear focus on the needs of clients.

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