Cyber crime is the world’s fastest growing criminal activity and has become an established industry in the past decade. The global annual costs of cyber crime to businesses are estimated to be £245 billion. It is vital that companies now begin to consider the value offered by tailored cyber policies.

Cyber Insurance provides cover against risks such as hacking and virus attacks, operational errors from technology, data breaches and the increasingly relevant risk of defamation (even on social media) and privacy breaches

Churchill are able to offer expertise and experience in this relatively new field, advising clients on the possible threats to their business. Is first party cover enough? Ought you to be insured against third party damage too? These are the questions that we can help you answer, helping you to protect your business against one of  its biggest threats.

Neil Bunce

Managing Director

Neil Bunce

Managing Director

020 8511 1090

Neil has 30 years experience in corporate insurance. He joined Churchill in 2003, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise from his many years as an underwriter, surveyor and business developer with a major insurer. He believes that spending time face to face with clients is crucial in getting to truly understand their business, fitting in perfectly with Churchill’s ethos in assessing the risks and getting the cover right. And by making the insurance implications to a business interesting and relevant, both clients and markets openly talk with Neil, bouncing their ideas off of him and gauging his responses. Neil’s profound relationships with both clients and insurers alike ensure that the cover stays right even as needs and requirements change.

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