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In today’s challenging business and economical environment, the decisions and actions of directors are increasingly under scrutiny from shareholders, regulators, government bodies, competitors, financiers and employees. Corporate and employment law is complex and directors face a growing risk of being investigated or sued, and the company may not be able or allowed to indemnify directors.

Even if you are innocent, you need legal representation which could be financially crippling. Companies don’t make decisions – the senior people within the business do, and Directors and Officers (D&O) insurance will provide and fund access to expert legal defence, and also pay damages including civil fines and penalties.

Examples of claims include:

• Unfair competition
• Health and Safety prosecution
• Official investigations
• Misrepresentation to lenders
• Defamation
• Defence of criminal prosecution
• Unfair dismissal or discrimination

Whilst primarily designed for director protection, many D&O policies can be extended to cover:

• Corporate (or Entity) Liability – management claims brought against the company name, including contract disputes, H&S prosecution and corporate manslaughter

• Employment Practices Liability – employment disputes and tribunals brought against the company. This gives greater protection than standard legal expenses insurance

• Crime – loss of company money, property or securities by employee or third party fraud

At Churchill we can offer expert advice and arrange solutions to your management liability risks.

Neil Bunce

Neil Bunce

Managing Director

020 8511 1090

Neil has 30 years experience in corporate insurance. He joined Churchill in 2003, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise from his many years as an underwriter, surveyor and business developer with a major insurer. He believes that spending time face to face with clients is crucial in getting to truly understand their business, fitting in perfectly with Churchill’s ethos in assessing the risks and getting the cover right. And by making the insurance implications to a business interesting and relevant, both clients and markets openly talk with Neil, bouncing their ideas off of him and gauging his responses. Neil’s profound relationships with both clients and insurers alike ensure that the cover stays right even as needs and requirements change.

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