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We are experienced property brokers, here to arrange insurance for any asset that earns you money.  We specialise in Insurance for rented houses, blocks of flats and offices among others. We concentrate most of our efforts into a few, select Insurers to get cover and premiums to suit and if necessary we can deal with the wider market.

This means you enjoy the benefits of insuring damage to your asset to protect your balance sheet. Lost rental income, legal liability to third parties and damage from terrorism are also insurable and we can advise accordingly.

We have been given Delegated Authority by several Insurers to quote and issue cover from our office. The benefit to you is that we can issue the schedule and policy in-house and documents can be emailed to your deskstop or other device within minutes from going on cover.

Risk management and advice is key to ensuring you mitigate the risk of a loss and we have access to a resource library to help you with your responsibilities as a landlord. Should you need to claim, we can advise the best approach to help you through the process. Our panel of Insurers have service standards to meet your expectations. Our Insurers are well resourced too with risk management information pre and post loss so we are always looking out for you and your assets.

Lynne Wright


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