Top tips to protect your business from cyberattacks during COVID-19


Another national lockdown brings further cybercrime risks for UK businesses.

Below we have outlined some quick tips to help keep your business ‘cyber safe’ during COVID-19.

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Five ways to protect your business from cybercrime

Conduct tests

To ensure your business is safe, first check if it is vulnerable to attack by conducting tests. Use the results to guide your next steps.

Improve passwords

Make sure your passwords are strong, do not have any duplicates and are changed/updated regularly.

Train staff and implement policies

Provide staff guidance and training on cyber security best practices and make sure all staff are fully aware of their cyber responsibilities.

Create data backups

Having a backup of business data, stored separately, will help your business to avoid disruption and quickly resume trading following a cyber breach.

Beware ‘phishing’ communications

Stay vigilant and be wary of emails that request any sensitive data and appear to be from a respected organisation or from a colleague/business associate; it may be an imposter.

We have also made the below cyber security poster available for you to download:

Find out more about Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance provides cover against risks such as hacking and virus attacks, operational errors from technology, data breaches and the increasingly relevant risk of defamation (even on social media) and privacy breaches

Churchill are able to offer expertise and experience in this relatively new field, advising clients on the possible threats to their business.

To find out more, visit our Cyber Insurance page or contact us now.


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